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About Us


Environmental Leadership

From the processes and materials used in our products to supply chain and waste stream management, Enwork is committed to environmental stewardship.

Our sustainable efforts include:

  • Maximizing the use of recycled and FSC-compliant content.
  • Optimizing raw materials to reduce waste and recycling as much scrap as possible.
  • Taking steps to eliminate VOCs and solvents in manufacturing. Most products are certified to the SCS Indoor Advantage Gold standard.
  • Seeking suppliers within a 45-mile radius of our manufacturing facilities to conserve fuel.

LEED® Credits

Enwork products can contribute toward LEED® credits. Download the Enwork Environmental Leadership Brochure for more information.

Healthier Hospitals Initiative

Learn how Enwork complies with the Healthier Hospitals Initiative. Download the Enwork Healthier Hospitals Initiative Summary.

Indoor Advantage™ Gold Certification

Explore Enwork products that meet all the requirements for a 2024 Indoor Advantage Gold certification. View the Enwork SCS Indoor Advantage Gold Certificate for more information.