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Kentucky State Contract

State Contract Number
MA 758 2300000880

Contract Period: The contract period is from 3/1/2023 to 01/31/2025

Commodity Code: 425-00-082217

Price List:

All products available from V19 are open for specification and purchase. Custom products shall have established list prices on a per-project basis. Quote inquiries or requests can be directed to Reference “products and pricing per Kentucky State Contract.”

State Customer Discount - Delivered & Installed:

  • $0 - $30,000 List: 60%
  • $30,001 List (+): 60%

Lift Gate and Special Freight Services:
Requests for lift gate service, inside delivery, or special services/equipment (e.g. box trucks in big cities) may require
additional shipping fees. Fees for lift gate service on small orders that fit on a box truck are $200. Fees for lift gates on
larger orders that require a full 53-foot truck will be higher and must be quoted on a case-by-case basis. Lift gate options
on full-trucks only exist on a small percentage of trucks thus driving incremental shipping costs that will be billed on a
per-order basis.

Ancillary Services:
• Installation - $75/hr
• Design - $75/hr

Order Placement:
Enwork is required to accept all orders from the State of Kentucky.
Dealers are not authorized to accept orders and perform billing for this contract.

List of Authorized Dealers
Orders submitted into Enwork by a Dealer will be at Dealer Sell Prices. A copy of the state agencies purchase order should accompany order.

Enwork may reach out to your dealership for help in obtaining information for contract reporting requirements. Compliance with this aspect is greatly appreciated.

Enwork Contact:
George Kudwa, Contract Administrator  616.581.5195