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Contract# 24-130 General Furniture

Initial Contract Period: 01/01/2024 – 12/31/2024

Who’s allowed to purchase off of this contract
State law encourages participation in cooperatives to eliminate duplication of efforts, thereby saving taxpayers’ dollars. KCDA is available for use by any public school district, state, local or federal government agency and state K-12 accredited private schools.

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Price List
Price List V19 

Quote inquiries or requests can be directed to Reference “products and pricing per KCDA Contract.” Electronic copies of the price list are available for download at


Dock Delivery

  • $0 - $30,000 List: 60%
  • $30,001 - $60,000 List: 63%
  • $60,001 - $120,000 List: 65%
  • $120,001+ List: 67%

Inside Delivery

  • $0 - $30,000 List: 54%
  • $30,001 - $60,000 List: 57%
  • $60,001 - $120,000 List: 59%
  • $120,001+ List: 61%

Product is FOB destination freight prepaid in the continental United States. Standard delivery procedure includes transportation of the shipment to the destination loading dock to be unloaded by the consignee. Truck drivers are required only to bring merchandise to the tailgate of their vehicle. Consignee must be present to inspect and sign for the delivery. If the consignee is not available at time of delivery, additional delivery fees may be assessed. Orders less than $1500 net are assessed a $ 150 net freight fee. Exception - orders less than $100 net that can be sent FedEx Ground (e.g. small legs, brackets, etc.) have no freight fee.

Lift Gate and Special Freight Services
Requests for lift gate service, inside delivery, or special services/equipment (e.g. box trucks in big cities) may require additional shipping fees. Fees for lift gate service on small orders that fit on a box truck are $200. Fees for lift gates on larger orders that require a full 53-foot truck will be higher and must be quoted on a case-by-case basis. Lift gate options on full-trucks only exist on a small percentage of trucks thus driving incremental shipping costs that will be billed on a per-order basis.

Ancilary Services
Dealers have the ability to negotiate these types of services on a per project basis. Design services shall be no more than $75/hr. Installation (nonunion) has been negotiated at $75/hr (ceiling pricing). Installation (union) is to be negotiated separately and shall comply with state and local wage and labor rates, codes, and public work guidelines.

Order Placement
Dealers are not authorized to accept orders and perform billing on our behalf for this contract. Orders to submitted by the KCDA.

List of Authorized Dealers

Contact Information
George Kudwa, Contract Administrator 
c. 616.421.7705

Shannon Hawley, Customer Care/Contract Support
c. 616.987.7094