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Product Spotlight: Café Tables

10.03.2019 | Product Information

Cafés are the social hub of many organizations. Connections are formed and ideas are shared at these comfortable and inspiring spaces. Enwork offers an impressive range of products and materials, many of which ship in 4-1/2 weeks or less. .   

Enwork's Top 5 Café Tables


1. Adventure™

Inspired by architecture, the Adventure table combines mixed materials with adventuresome design. Available in seated, counter, or standing heights with a variety of accessory options. 

2. Zori™ 

Zori is Enwork's most comprehensive table collection. Multiple base configurations, finishes, and sizes create high-performing and stunning spaces. 

3. Sawhorse

The understated forms of the Sawhorse base offer a modern solution for conference, café, and third spaces alike. It's a simple take on a timeless design. Paired with round tops, Sawhorse legs provide comfortable knee space with functional style.  

4. Disc & Square 

Stand out or blend in, these bases fit any cafe or collaborative environment. Choose desk or dining height and integrate technology through disc bases with optional power/data top plate. 

5. Apron 

Apron tables assemble in minutes and are perfect for dozens of applications. With the classic Parsons table design and slim, and 3/4" thick laminate top, you'll never have to worry about your tables fading out of style. Achieve your aesthetic vision with a myriad of available finish combinations. 



Customize it! 

Enwork offers a variety of non-porous, durable table top materials as standard. Cambria, KrystalCast, Back-Painted Glass, and Solid Surface allow you to choose the colors and designs that best fit your space and the price that best fits your budget