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Meet Our Best Selling Conference Table

03.14.2019 | News & Announcements

Meet Enwork's #1 Selling Conference Table: Foundation

One of our very first conference table collections, Foundation remains a go-to among dealers and designers. Foundation is known for its high-quality, compelling price point, and with new options for customization we can accommodate just about any technology or aesthetic need. 

Two Base Width Options 
6" wide panel bases accommodate most technology while maximizing leg space. 

10" wide panel bases easily conceal floor cores, most AV equipment, and power/data cables with one clean look. 

Full height removable access doors make installation and maintenance a breeze. 
Two Trough Height Options
8" Trough heights provide more than enough storage for the average conference room technology setup. 

12" Trough heights are perfect for accommodating large technology products and cable retractors. 

Both troughs include cable grippers for cable retention and a removable bottom panel for easy installation and maintenance.  


Sizes Appropriate for Any Space
Ranging from 36" to 72" depths, Foundation tables support various top shapes up to 240" wide.