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Dealer Salesforce Incentive Program (SPIFF)

It pays to sell Enwork products when you participate in the Top Dollar Spiff Program. Just follow these two simple steps:

  1. Sign up for the Top Dollar Spiff Program and we’ll issue you a personal Sales ID Number. Download and complete the SPIFF enrollment form and email it to to sign up. An email will be sent informing you that we’ve received your information and your Sales ID Number will be listed so that you can use your Sales ID Number on purchase orders right away. Additionally, an Enwork Top Dollar Card will be attached and is a writable PDF that you can fill out with your ID# and Name, for saving purposes or future reference; it prints out wallet-size as well so it can be put away easily.
  2. Include your Sales ID Number and name on all eligible Enwork purchase orders you submit – starting today.

Please note the following SPIFF qualifications:

  • Your individual Sales ID Number must be included on eligible purchase orders to qualify.
  • An order is considered eligible for SPIFF if it is greater than $1000 dollars net.
  • GSA orders aren’t eligible to receive SPIFF in the program.
  • Install, Mock-Up, and Replacement orders aren’t eligible to receive SPIFF in the program.
  • Forget to put your Sales ID Number and name on an order? No problem! Enwork gives you a second chance with our two-month retro policy. This policy states that SPIFF can be claimed on an order(s) if the time between the claim date and ship/invoice date of the order(s) falls within two months.
  • Every two months we’ll send a check, for all sales that have shipped and been paid in full, to your home that includes your Top Dollar reward. Checks will be processed and cut around the following months:
    • January – For orders that shipped in November/December
    • March – For orders that shipped in January/February
    • May – For orders that shipped in March/April
    • July – For orders that shipped in May/June
    • September – For orders that shipped in July/August
    • November – For orders that shipped in September/October

To learn more, call 1-800-815-7251 or email with any questions, inquiries, or requests.