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North Carolina State Contract

State Contract #420A - Furniture, All Types

Contract Period: The contract period is from 3/1/2022 to 6/30/2024

Commodity Code: 425-00-082217

Price List:

All products available from V19 are open for specification and purchase. Custom products shall have established list prices on a per-project basis. Quote inquiries or requests can be directed to, referencing “products and pricing apply per NC Contract 420A – Furniture, All Types.”

Commodity categories covered under this contract include Casegoods, Classroom Furniture, Bookcases, Ergonomic Chairs, Office Swivel and Side Chairs, Computer Furniture, Mobile and Folding Furniture, Upholstered Seating, Commercial Dining Tables, Metal Cabinets, Open Plan Office Systems, Sit-To-Stand Desks, and Metal Library Shelving.

State Customer Discount - Delivered & Installed:

  • $0 - $30,000: 58%
  • $30,001 - $60,000: 62%
  • $60,001 - $120,000: 63%
  • $120,001 +: 64%

The minimum amount qualified for FOB is $150 net. Only orders less than $150 net (e.g. small legs, brackets, and lighting) are eligible to have freight charges added in an amount equal to or less than the cost of shipping the package. Orders of these sizes are eligible to be shipped FedEx, USPS, etc. with transportation costs allocated to the buyer.

Ancillary Services:
Dealers have the ability to negotiate these types of services on a project-per-project basis. We encourage Dealers to promote the participation of Minority Business Enterprises as subcontractors under this contract.

Order Placement:
Authorized Dealers are allowed to accept orders and perform billing on our behalf for this project.

List of Authorized Dealers
Orders submitted into Enwork by a Dealer will be at Dealer Sell Prices. A copy of the state agencies purchase order should accompany order.

Orders issued to Enwork shall reference “products and pricing apply per NC Contract 420A – Furniture, All Types” Orders can be e-mailed to Fax 888.433.2128 and hard copy mailing are also acceptable. We request clean orders are placed for timely order entry purposes.

Enwork may reach out to your dealership for help in obtaining information for contract reporting requirements. Compliance with this aspect is greatly appreciated.

Enwork Contact:
George Kudwa, Contract Administrator  616.581.5195