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National IPA

We focus on our customers by providing high quality, design-oriented products at price points and service levels unparalleled in the marketplace. Leverage the purchasing power of our National IPA (formerly TCPN) Contract and have peace of mind that you’ll be receiving the best products at the best prices with the best service.

Experience the “Enwork Difference” Today.

National IPA Contract Number: R142204

Time Period: The contract period is from 5/1/2015 – 4/30/2020 with one remaining option for a one-year extension upon mutual acceptance between Enwork and Region 4 ESC/National IPA.

Who is eligible to utilize National IPA:
National IPA contracts are available for the use and benefit of governmental entities complying with state procurement laws and regulations. Examples of participating members are:

  • K-12 Schools
  • Cities/Municipalities
  • Counties
  • State Colleges and Universities
  • Religious Organizations
  • Private Schools
  • Charter Schools
  • Private Colleges and Universities
  • Non-Profits
  • Charitable Organizations

Public agencies must register to participate. Registration is free and agencies may begin using the contract immediately after registering.

The 3 P’s:

Tables, Grid Environments, Steel Desks and Storage, Laminate and Wood Casegoods, and Support Furniture. With multiple product platforms in an array of finish and design options, finding a product suitable to fit your needs is easy. If not, we’re here to help. Quote inquiries or requests can be directed to, referencing “products and pricing apply per National IPA Contract 4142204.”


  • $0 – $30,000 List: 58%
  • $30,001 – $60,000 List: 62%
  • $60,001 – $120,000 List: 63%
  • $120,001 List + : 64%

List prices are based off products available for purchase in Price List V14. Quoted list prices remain valid as long as Price List V14 is current. Annual price list updates will occur 5/1, pending approval from National IPA and the same date every year thereafter. Quote inquiries or requests can be directed to, referencing “products and pricing apply per National IPA Contract 4142204.”

Net 30 terms have been established for this contract. Each invoice shall be itemized with adequate detail, matching the line item/s on the purchase order, and shall be sent in accordance with the buyer’s billing terms and conditions. Supporting documentation shall accompany an invoice/s per request. Acceptable forms of payment include check, EFT, or credit card.

Educated, experienced, and ready to serve. With a Rep Channel and Dealer Network covering all 50 states, requests for pricing, design, and installation services is just a call, email, or an in-person consultation away. Contact us today to find a local Rep or Dealer near you.

  • Design services have been negotiated at a ceiling price of $60/hr.
  • Installation (non-union) services shall be no more than $50/hr.

Ordering Information:
Orders less than $1000 net are assessed a $100 net freight fee. Exception – orders less than $100 net that can be sent FedEx (e.g. small legs, brackets, and lighting) have no freight fee.

Dealers are authorized to accept orders and perform billing on our behalf for this contract. Due to tax implications, Enwork can only accept direct orders from National IPA members who are tax exempt, requiring a member’s tax exempt certificate be on file prior to purchase. A copy of the National IPA member’s purchase order needs to accompany the order. Members may use the following address format when placing direct:

c/o (name of Participating Dealer)
12900 Christopher Dr.
Lowell, MI 49331-9420

Orders issued to Enwork shall reference “products and pricing apply per National IPA Contract #R142204.” Orders may be emailed to Fax 888.433.2128 and hard copy mailing is also acceptable. We request clean orders are placed for timely order entry purposes. Complete, accurate orders can help minimize clarification questions, contribute to better turnaround times on acknowledgments and adherence to publicized lead times for products purchased, and improve overall efficiency.

Contact Information
Still have lingering questions and want to learn more about our contract or National IPA in general?
Feel free to contact George Kudwa, Contract Administrator, at 616.987.9445 or

Price List
Enwork V15 Price List