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Healthy Workspace Solutions – Harbor Screens

04.26.2020 |

Introducing Harbor Screens

Low investment, high confidence. Harbor Screens offer an immediate solution for safe, healthy workspaces. Sturdy, quick-install, personal workspace protection is here. Screens help your team feel secure, by reducing workspace exposure now.

Surprising to many, cardboard is a highly effective surface when fighting Covid-19 as the virus decays within 24 hours (Source). Harbor’s multi-dimensional panels protect each team member by surrounding the work area to block potential airborne particulate.

Harbor Screen Details:

Constructed of heavy-duty, multi-ply, double-wall corrugated cardboard

  • Ships flat and easily assembled
  • Quick install! Folds into place. No tools or fasteners required
  • Simply secure with double sided tape
  • Includes a 1.5 x 3” perforated knockout that may removed for cords and/or monitor arms
  • Recycle after use
  • Ships within 24 hours. Expedited shipping available

25% of profits from COVID-19 Rapid Response Products will be donated to Heart of West Michigan United Way Coronavirus Response Fund. Applies to shipments through 9.30.2020.